Welcome to $KEK EL RISITAS!

This project celebrates infectious laughter of the legendary Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, famously known as KEK El Risitas, The Giggles.

KEK is an online slang term that means LOL or laugh out loud. This term originated in the game World of Warcraft. KEK is now in use everywhere online.

El Risitas meme is recognized far beyond online community.

Even Elon Musk tweets KEK all the time!



Introducing THE KEKS NFT Collection

Dive into the world of laughter with THE KEKS – a limited edition collection inspired by the legendary KEK El Risitas AKA The Giggles!

Only 1000 NFTs available on the Ethereum network – a rare gem for true collectors!

Each NFT costs 100 Million $KEK Tokens to Mint – a small price to own a piece of internet history and humor!

Don’t miss your chance to own a unique piece of digital art and join the exclusive club of KEK enthusiasts!

Mint your KEKS NFT today and let the laughter begin!

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